General Purpose
Security Dogs

We pride ourselves on supplying the very best Dog and Handler teams so we can ensure our clients receive a high quality service at all times.

We operate under the Guard Dogs Act 1975 which allows us to supply trained Security Dog and Handler teams to protect your property and we will provide your site with the appropriate warning signs to display with the Security Dog Handler working on your property.

All our staff hold recognised industry certification and work in accordance to the British Standard 8517-1:2009 Part 1 and British Standard 8517-2:2010 and are trained by approved and experienced trainers in there chosen role, Each handler in keeping with there certification undergo regular continuation training and annual examination to ensure that the highest standards are maintained without exception.

Security Dog and Handler teams are trained to work in virtually any environment and are used for many assignments from guarding critical infrastructure to industrial sites and residential premises, They are trained to be safe with members of the public, but will defend their handler when necessary.

Security Dog and Handler teams are generally deployed where Security Officers may be at a higher risk or if there are large areas to patrol. Due to the dogs acute senses it is almost impossible for the would be intruder to pass undetected by the dog.